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What is 75 ball bingo and how is it played?

The chances are if you live in the United States or Canada then you will probably know of the 75 ball version of bingo; If you like in the UK or Australia however, then this maybe a new version for you. The reason the game is known as 75 bingo is because 75 balls are used when playing the game, numbers range from 1 to 75.

Bingo Card

Bingo Card

As you can see on the above image, the letters B-I-N-G-O are written on the top of the card. The reason for this is for easy navigation when seeing if your card has the numbers that get called. Each of the letters represents the column of numbers underneath it.
The bingo cards themselves are made up of a 5×5 grid; the cards only contain 24 numbers, not 25 as you would think. The reason for this is because the middle square is known as a free square and is not used in play. Random numbers are then assigned vertically under each letter of the card.

How the Game is Played

The game is played using a machine known as a bingo ball machine that picks one of the 75 numbers at random. Balls are usually used and have a number and letter on them.

Bingo ball

A bingo caller then shouts these number and letters out to the people who are playing the game, e.g. “B11” “I18” “G55”. Bingo players then look at their cards to find the letter first and then vertically to see if their cards have that number. If they have they mark it of their card using a special bingo pen known as a bingo dauber.
The whole point of the game is to mark numbers that form special bingo patterns that are stated before play. The first person who manages to achieve this shouts “Bingo” to win the game. You will then win the pot that is available that game. If more than one person finishes the pattern at the same time and also shouts “Bingo” then the pot is shared between all persons.

Different Patterns

Bingo card patterns

The great advantage in playing 75 ball bingo is the different patterns that are used. There is literally 100s of them. The most popular one is called “coverall” and is where you have to cover all the bingo numbers on your card. This pattern usually takes the longest to complete and has the best cash prize up for grabs. Sometimes the aim of the game is to get 1 horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line and after this the same game can carry on to play a “coverall” game.