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History of Bingo

Online bingo has been phenomenally successful over the past few years. Several hundred companies have profited from offering internet users the ability to play games of bingo online. Although online bingo is a relatively new thing, the game of bingo actual dates back several centuries.

During the 16th Century, the first game of bingo was ever played. Since then, the game has slowly spread across the world and gained huge popularity. The first game of bingo was actually used as a lottery game in Italy. By the late 1770s, it had become known as "Le Lotto" and the game was becoming popular in France.

From there, it migrated to Germany where a variant of the game was used as an aid to help children learn how to do maths, spelling and history.

By 1929 the game was known in the USA as "Beano". It was a popular carnival game. The dealer would have a selection of numbered discs in a box and the players would use numbered cardboard sheets and be given beans to use as markers. The dealer would take discs out of the box (or sometimes bag), calling out the number. If a player had the number on their sheet, they would cover it with a bean. Anyone who managed to cover a whole horizontal row could call out "Beano", and the first to do this would win a prize.

Edwin. S. Lowe, a visiting toy salesman came across this game while travelling and decided to bring the idea home to New York. Around the same time, a Pennsylvanian priest went to Lowe for help raising funds for his church. Lowe suggested using the game of Beano. Large crowds were drawn to the church fundraising events where this game was played, but the limited combinations of numbers meant that there were a lot of winners and not enough profit. Lowe then hired a maths professor Carl Leffler who helped to create over 6000 different number combinations. It was then renamed bingo, after somebody misheard the word they were supposed to shout out, and shouted "Bingo!" instead.

By 1934, over 10,000 bingo games were being played weekly across America. Since then, bingo has taken the whole world by storm.

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