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Online Bingo through the ages

Bingo isn’t a new thing, we can trace it’s routes all the way back to the Era when Elizabeth 1 was sat on her throne! Back in those days people would play bingo as a social activity, to pass time and to win great prizes of course!

Now in the 21st century, the game bingo hasn’t really changed, people can be found playing it in halls all over the world, and their reasons for playing are just the same as back in the olden days.

One thing that has changed is the ways in which people access the game. Now in the 21st century, thanks to technology, many millions of people flock online to various bingo websites to play. Companies such as Newscorp who own the Sun newspaper have become keen to profit from bingo and now people can play sun bingo and other branded games owned by operators desperate for a share of the bingo cash.

Online bingo first started out in the 1990’s but it didn’t really become popular until the mid 2000’s. There are lots of different reasons for it’s sudden astronomic surge in popularity, amongst them are socioeconomic reasons such as it becoming the norm for a PC with Internet access to be present in every household in more economically developed countries.

With technology racing forwards the advances in mobile devices has been huge, and right now in 2013 there are many options available to those who wish to play online bingo through their mobile phones. It seems clear that online bingo is just going to carry on getting bigger!