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Online Bingo through the ages

Bingo isn’t a new thing, we can trace it’s routes all the way back to the Era when Elizabeth 1 was sat on her throne! Back in those days people would play bingo as a social activity, to pass time and to win great prizes of course!

Now in the 21st century, the game bingo hasn’t really changed, people can be found playing it in halls all over the world, and their reasons for playing are just the same as back in the olden days.

One thing that has changed is the ways in which people access the game. Now in the 21st century, thanks to technology, many millions of people flock online to various bingo websites to play. Companies such as Newscorp who own the Sun newspaper have become keen to profit from bingo and now people can play sun bingo and other branded games owned by operators desperate for a share of the bingo cash.

Online bingo first started out in the 1990’s but it didn’t really become popular until the mid 2000’s. There are lots of different reasons for it’s sudden astronomic surge in popularity, amongst them are socioeconomic reasons such as it becoming the norm for a PC with Internet access to be present in every household in more economically developed countries.

With technology racing forwards the advances in mobile devices has been huge, and right now in 2013 there are many options available to those who wish to play online bingo through their mobile phones. It seems clear that online bingo is just going to carry on getting bigger!

History of Bingo

Online bingo has been phenomenally successful over the past few years. Several hundred companies have profited from offering internet users the ability to play games of bingo online. Although online bingo is a relatively new thing, the game of bingo actual dates back several centuries.

During the 16th Century, the first game of bingo was ever played. Since then, the game has slowly spread across the world and gained huge popularity. The first game of bingo was actually used as a lottery game in Italy. By the late 1770s, it had become known as "Le Lotto" and the game was becoming popular in France.

From there, it migrated to Germany where a variant of the game was used as an aid to help children learn how to do maths, spelling and history.

By 1929 the game was known in the USA as "Beano". It was a popular carnival game. The dealer would have a selection of numbered discs in a box and the players would use numbered cardboard sheets and be given beans to use as markers. The dealer would take discs out of the box (or sometimes bag), calling out the number. If a player had the number on their sheet, they would cover it with a bean. Anyone who managed to cover a whole horizontal row could call out "Beano", and the first to do this would win a prize.

Edwin. S. Lowe, a visiting toy salesman came across this game while travelling and decided to bring the idea home to New York. Around the same time, a Pennsylvanian priest went to Lowe for help raising funds for his church. Lowe suggested using the game of Beano. Large crowds were drawn to the church fundraising events where this game was played, but the limited combinations of numbers meant that there were a lot of winners and not enough profit. Lowe then hired a maths professor Carl Leffler who helped to create over 6000 different number combinations. It was then renamed bingo, after somebody misheard the word they were supposed to shout out, and shouted "Bingo!" instead.

By 1934, over 10,000 bingo games were being played weekly across America. Since then, bingo has taken the whole world by storm.

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Which Bingo Sites Offer The Best Bonuses?

There are thought to be around 350 bingo sites currently active in the UK, which means players have an awful lot of choice when it comes to choosing where to play! This choice means bingo sites are having to become ever more competitive when it comes to the bonuses they are offering both new and existing players.

Bonuses come in many shapes are sizes. The most popular is a no deposit bingo bonus. Many new sites offer a no deposit bonus as it allows potential new players to try out the site without having to worry about losing any of their own cash. Some sites only offer no deposit offers to players who have already put money in, so be sure to read the terms and conditions of each site in full. Wagering requirements (the amount you have to "play for real" before you can withdraw winnings) also differ from site to site.

A matched first deposit bonus is probably the most common of all the promotions offered in online bingo. Almost every site offers some kind of matched bonus, usually between 50% and 300%. A matched deposit bonus is basically exactly what it says, whatever you deposit will be matched by XX%. So a £10 deposit on a site which is offering a 100% matched bonus will see you receive a total of £20 to play with.

Like no deposit bonuses, however, these also come with their own unique wagering requirements so it's well worth checking out the terms before you play to avoid disappointment.

Another bonus you might expect to find on a bingo site is a loyalty bonus. We are increasingly seeing loyalty bonuses being offered to existing players to try and keep them playing at a particular site. Typically you might expect to receive 50% on all reloads. on some games this increases depending on the length of time you have been a member.

The Basics of 90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball bingo is the most popular version of bingo in Australia and Europe and is extremely popular in the UK. Unlike bingo’s cousin – the 75 ball version – 90 ball bingo gives you 3 chances to win instead of just the 1, sometimes 2 that 75 ball bingo gives you. This means that 90 ball bingo usually last longer than 75 ball bingo does.

Many online bingo sites, both UK bingo online sites and sites from other parts of the world give you the option to play 90 ball bingo. The game gets its name due to the fact that 90 bingo balls are used in play. Unlike 75 ball bingo, bingo balls, there are no letters that are wrote on both the cards or balls, it is just numbers.

75 Bingo Ball

Bingo Cards

Bingo cards that are used are made up of nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. There are then 6 bingo cards which make up a strip. You can buy as many cards as you want per game, but most people tend to buy a full strip. The reason behind this is, on a full strip every one of the 90 numbers than can be called are written on a strip. This means when a number gets called out you know that your card has that number. If you just buy a few cards you have to double check to see if your cards have the numbers that are being called and sometimes you won’t; making it a little confusing for some people.

90 ball bingo card

A bingo card has 5 numbers that are random numbers ranging from 1 – 90 across 1 row and 4 blank spaces. 1 bingo card contains 15 numbers. The 1st column contains random numbers between 1 – 10, the second between 11 – 20 and so on.

Three Chances to Win

The game is split into 3 sections in 1 game. You have the 1 liner, the 2 liners and then the full house. The game is played identically to the 75 ball version were a bingo caller will call the random numbers that appear on balls that get picked by a bingo machine.

If your card makes any of the following patterns before anyone else and you shout “Bingo” then you are the winner.

1 Line

As long as the card make a horizontal line on any line with the called bingo numbers then you win.

1 line bingo pattern

2 Lines

As long as the card make 2 horizontal line on any of the 3 horizontal lines available with the called bingo numbers then you win. Note that the lines have to be on the same card. If you have 2 horizontal lines, both on separate cards but on the same strip this does not count.

2 line bingo pattern

Full House

Simply be the first person to cover all of your numbers on the same card to win

full house bingo pattern

What is 75 ball bingo and how is it played?

The chances are if you live in the United States or Canada then you will probably know of the 75 ball version of bingo; If you like in the UK or Australia however, then this maybe a new version for you. The reason the game is known as 75 bingo is because 75 balls are used when playing the game, numbers range from 1 to 75.

Bingo Card

Bingo Card

As you can see on the above image, the letters B-I-N-G-O are written on the top of the card. The reason for this is for easy navigation when seeing if your card has the numbers that get called. Each of the letters represents the column of numbers underneath it.
The bingo cards themselves are made up of a 5×5 grid; the cards only contain 24 numbers, not 25 as you would think. The reason for this is because the middle square is known as a free square and is not used in play. Random numbers are then assigned vertically under each letter of the card.

How the Game is Played

The game is played using a machine known as a bingo ball machine that picks one of the 75 numbers at random. Balls are usually used and have a number and letter on them.

Bingo ball

A bingo caller then shouts these number and letters out to the people who are playing the game, e.g. “B11” “I18” “G55”. Bingo players then look at their cards to find the letter first and then vertically to see if their cards have that number. If they have they mark it of their card using a special bingo pen known as a bingo dauber.
The whole point of the game is to mark numbers that form special bingo patterns that are stated before play. The first person who manages to achieve this shouts “Bingo” to win the game. You will then win the pot that is available that game. If more than one person finishes the pattern at the same time and also shouts “Bingo” then the pot is shared between all persons.

Different Patterns

Bingo card patterns

The great advantage in playing 75 ball bingo is the different patterns that are used. There is literally 100s of them. The most popular one is called “coverall” and is where you have to cover all the bingo numbers on your card. This pattern usually takes the longest to complete and has the best cash prize up for grabs. Sometimes the aim of the game is to get 1 horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line and after this the same game can carry on to play a “coverall” game.

What are no deposit bonuses

Try bingo for free with a no deposit bonus

Online Bingo has become one of the UK’s most popular leisure activities with more and more people playing online every day. If you are yet to try online Bingo then now is a great time to take advantage of fantastic “no deposit bingo” promotions offered by many of the biggest and best known websites. These offers are usually called bonuses and are extremely popular as they allow players who join a bingo website for the first time to play for real cash and deposit absolutely nothing.

So what exactly is a no deposit bonus?

Unlike a typical Bingo bonus, which usually requires you to deposit a minimum amount, a no deposit bonus entitles you to a totally free amount of bingo money, when you join a new site. These special bonuses are offered by a number of Bingo websites when a new customer joins, the amount you can get is often between £5 and £20 and in many cases it is automatically added to your account. However sometimes it is not always obvious that their is free bingo money on offer, that is why sites like this one are dedicated to listing the latest bonuses so you can always be sure you are getting the best deal.

The great thing about these free bonuses is that you can try Bingo for real cash, risk free! Because online bingo is such a competitive business new players are very valuable, this is why Bingo sites go out of their way to offer promotions which attract new customers. If you are thinking of trying bingo or fancy joininh a new site then we recommend taking advantage of a no deposit bonus.

Like any promotional offer it is important you have a look at the terms and conditions. Many no deposit offers will come with some stipulations. For example, in many cases you must spend the bonus amount instead of withdrawing it, however this gives you a great chance of doubling or even tripling your free bonus.

What else should I look out for when comparing these bonuses?

  • How much do I get?
  • How long will it take before I receive my bonus?
  • Is there another incentive for depositing?
  • Can I play all the bingo games on offer?

So if you fancy trying bingo risk free why not take advantage of the latest offers and get your free bingo bonus today. Hundreds of pounds worth of bonuses are just waiting to be claimed from the leading bingo websites.