The Basics of 90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball bingo is the most popular version of bingo in Australia and Europe and is extremely popular in the UK. Unlike bingo’s cousin – the 75 ball version – 90 ball bingo gives you 3 chances to win instead of just the 1, sometimes 2 that 75 ball bingo gives you. This means that 90 ball bingo usually last longer than 75 ball bingo does.

Many online bingo sites, both UK bingo online sites and sites from other parts of the world give you the option to play 90 ball bingo. The game gets its name due to the fact that 90 bingo balls are used in play. Unlike 75 ball bingo, bingo balls, there are no letters that are wrote on both the cards or balls, it is just numbers.

75 Bingo Ball

Bingo Cards

Bingo cards that are used are made up of nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. There are then 6 bingo cards which make up a strip. You can buy as many cards as you want per game, but most people tend to buy a full strip. The reason behind this is, on a full strip every one of the 90 numbers than can be called are written on a strip. This means when a number gets called out you know that your card has that number. If you just buy a few cards you have to double check to see if your cards have the numbers that are being called and sometimes you won’t; making it a little confusing for some people.

90 ball bingo card

A bingo card has 5 numbers that are random numbers ranging from 1 – 90 across 1 row and 4 blank spaces. 1 bingo card contains 15 numbers. The 1st column contains random numbers between 1 – 10, the second between 11 – 20 and so on.

Three Chances to Win

The game is split into 3 sections in 1 game. You have the 1 liner, the 2 liners and then the full house. The game is played identically to the 75 ball version were a bingo caller will call the random numbers that appear on balls that get picked by a bingo machine.

If your card makes any of the following patterns before anyone else and you shout “Bingo” then you are the winner.

1 Line

As long as the card make a horizontal line on any line with the called bingo numbers then you win.

1 line bingo pattern

2 Lines

As long as the card make 2 horizontal line on any of the 3 horizontal lines available with the called bingo numbers then you win. Note that the lines have to be on the same card. If you have 2 horizontal lines, both on separate cards but on the same strip this does not count.

2 line bingo pattern

Full House

Simply be the first person to cover all of your numbers on the same card to win

full house bingo pattern

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